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For any decision in the breakup aftermath stage, the first question we must ask is: “Who broke up with Who?” and “What caused the breakup?” The answer to these questions will define who inherits anything from friends to hamster pets.

We already covered nasty divorces. But what if you’re just living together or have a common law marriage? What if you share custody of your kids? What if you share a business? What if you work at the same place? What if she pawned the heirloom engagement ring? This chapter will help you deal with the shared inheritance and with the cases where you’re forced to see her bitchy face or his ugly bald spot.

Who gets custody of what friends?

If you shared friends during the relationship, who gets custody of which friends?

This sounds “cute” but it’s a LEGAL reality. Some couples sign prenups about who’s gonna get who after the divorce, as if their friends were assets.

Kray kray, right? Well, that’s how important friendships are in our lives. As a matter of fact, a recent study reveals that out of 2,000 people polled who have recently split from a partner, 315 now regret their actions during the breakup because of the effect it had on their friendships.

This same study also found out that a typical adult loses eight friends when a long-term relationship ends. The eight friends who will be lost are split in three categories: three of them are friends of the ex-partner and three are mutual friends made during the relationship. The other two were known before the relationship even started, but either ended up siding with your Ex or got sick and tired of hearing about the breakup.

If you want to avoid losing three of YOUR friends, call the friends who knew YOU before you got into the relationship asap. Beat your Ex to it so they can hear YOUR side of the story first. The study reveals that 21% of people admitted they actively worked to get their “friends” to stay on THEIR bandwagon. I had an Ex who started calling MY friends telling HIS side of the story, which lacked HIS insults to ME! I had to do damage control and call them to admit what he said about me was true but he had omitted some very important details that would prevent him from looking like a “victim”. One of my “friends” took his side, probably because he thought he could get more out of him than he could out of me or maybe simply because my Ex made me look like a horrible person. Either way, whoever jumps on your Ex’s friend bandwagon is letting you know they were never really YOUR friends. So jump, fake friend, jump.

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