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You’ve been waiting to exhale for months now. Good news! You’re right there. And …BREATHE! AAAHHH! It feels so good, doesn’t it?

There are two forms of acceptance in this stage:

You finally accept that the relationship is OVER You’re finally open to ACCEPT someone new in your life.

Your relationship with her is way out there in the past and now you’re moving on. You know there’s someone out there for you who will be a much better romantic match than your Ex.

If you had a rebound romance, congrats! Rebound romances not only help you heal faster, they also help you realize that you don't have to settle for less than you deserve.

The best part of the acceptance stage is the fact that you’re finally ready to forgive your Ex and yourself. Forgiveness of an Ex is magical, it releases you of the anger and opens you up to peace.

This is the perfect time to clean up your baggage! Get rid of your bags, the ones full of abuse, neglect, fear and almond joys (not before you eat them all during stage 4). If you reduced contact with your Ex, you can now resume contact. You’re all healed up and ready to rock your love life again.

What to do -Celebrate with your friends. -Start dating

What not to do -Celebrate with too many drinks and get a DUI -Date psychos

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