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Just when you thought you were gonna have peace after you came to terms with losing your Ex forever….BAM! Depression hits you like a ton of bricks. Why now?! Well, you finally realize that if bargaining didn’t work, there’s nothing else you can do except kidnap you Ex and force him to live with you. Again, that’s a crime and will get you in the slammer. Look at yourself in the mirror…Do you REALLY look good in orange? Trust me, no one does.

The sadness can be overwhelming, leaving us with feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness. Just know that this is only a TEMPORARY feeling and you’re almost at the finish line of the grieving process. Still, make sure you acknowledge your yucky feelings. “Oh no, I’ll never find a girlfriend who’s gonna be that great in the sack!” “Oh no, no one will ever make me that happy ever again. I better reincarnate soon and find him in my next life.” “Oh no, I’ll never find such a generous sugar daddy ever again!”

The best thing to do at this point is to come to terms that, yes, the relationship IS over. I know, you thought he was The One but guess what? He’s not! If he was, the relationship would have worked and he would have succumbed to your amazing emotional negotiation skills during the bargaining stage of grief. Just know that there’s nothing wrong with you or with her…OK, maybe there IS something wrong with her. But still, let go of the guilty feelings and move the heck on! Focus on the lessons learned from this relationship and get ready for the next stage: acceptance.

What to do

-Share your feelings with positive friends, let it all hang out. If your sad feelings or depression overwhelm you, seek professional help.

-Cry, cry, cry.

-Rest and eat healthy.

What not to do

-Avoid overeating, drinking and mixing alcohol and pills.

-Contemplate or feed negative feelings. If you can’t stop them, call a therapist.

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